Hot & Bothered #2, with Naomi Klein


Hot & Bothered, a new climate politics podcast for the 99% that I’m co-hosting with the journalist Kate Aronoff, is growing up. In our first episode, we talked to Bill McKibben and Tara Houska. You can read more and listen here at the Dissent magazine website. They’re hosting the show.

Our second episode, featuring Naomi Klein, just went up today.

In a perfect world, you’d be able to listen to it on a fancy Stitcher app embedded in this blog post. But I’m not good enough at this computer to make that world a reality!

But you can see my efforts here:

Also, you can find us at the iTunes store (*****please rate us there*****). And we would love love love to get your comments, questions, complaints, and any other feedback on social media, via #hotbotheredclimate. (Because #hotandbothered: you just don’t want to go there.)

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